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Improved Workflow Efficiency. Simplified Communication. More New Patients.  

Flex is designed to deliver user-friendly, yet advanced patient communication in Open Dental, making your team more efficient, your patients more engaged, and your business more profitable.

     •  Ready for faster paperless onboarding with integrated online forms? Check.     
     •  Need an elegant way to present treatment plans to your patients to boost case acceptance? Check.
     •  What about instant, hassle-free online payments? Check.
     •  Looking for effortless automated patient recalls, reminders, & confirmations via email and text? Check.
     •  Want to offer convenient online scheduling to your patients to grow your practice? Check.
     •  Flex customer service that earns rave reviews? Check.
Flex checks all the boxes to help your new practice grow. And, you'll love our service too!

What Makes Flex Different?

It's flexible.

Flex is so customizable, it fits right in at nearly any kind of practice. And because it's browser-based, it runs on just about any device you'd like.

It's simple.

Flex's sleek and intuitive design makes your practice stand out to patients, while being fun to use and easy to learn for your team.

It's advanced.

While Flex looks simple, its sophisticated technology deeply integrates and powers cutting-edge features you'll only find here.

Online Form with cloud
Treatment plan 1.4 with cloud

Top Features

  • Beautiful, One-Click Treatment Planning
  • Effortless Patient Communication
  • Dynamic Intake & Medical History Forms
  • Instant, Hassle-Free Payments w/ FlexPay
  • Truly Seamless Integration Into Open Dental
  • Phone Integrations w/ Caller ID Pop-Up
  • Count-Boosting Review Requests
  • Quick & Easy Consent Forms